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7 déc. 2013

"The war on democracy"

Une illustration d'un article du Guardian, "The War on Democracy".
How corporations and spy agencies use "security" to defend profiteering and crush activism

A stunning new report compiles extensive evidence showing how some of the world's largest corporations have partnered with private intelligence firms and government intelligence agencies to spy on activist and nonprofit groups. Environmental activism is a prominent though not exclusive focus of these activities.

The CCP report notes that:
"A diverse array of nonprofits have been targeted by espionage, including environmental, anti-war, public interest, consumer, food safety, pesticide reform, nursing home reform, gun control, social justice, animal rights and arms control groups.
Many of the world's largest corporations and their trade associations - including the US Chamber of Commerce, Walmart, Monsanto, Bank of America, Dow Chemical, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Chevron, Burger King, McDonald's, Shell, BP, BAE, Sasol, Brown & Williamson and E.ON - have been linked to espionage or planned espionage against nonprofit organizations, activists and whistleblowers."

© Dr Nafeez Ahmed, executive director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development
Thursday 28 November 2013 16.46 GMT, theguardian.com

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